Thank you!!

Goodschoolfarm has been a long time in the making and is a result of my search in my twenties to find a way to change the world 🌎 for the better. As a scientist and an educator and I am told a little bit fun, I decided all I could do as an individual to start was to beautify to the extent I could a piece of land. To restore a farm to a new ideal, a place were I could retreat to be closer to the greatest educators, those who know the land, the wisest of the humans, the multitudes of the animals, the water, the plants and the woods, the soul of the world, the soil, nature. Here the membrane between our human world and that of nature is permeable and close.
So after lots of work solo and with some help from close friends I am opening the gates. I hope you would come on an open day, and enjoy, come listen, play, sing and create. It’s been 22 years to get to this beginning so it’s time. We have a bigger vision and maybe if your of like mind you could join and help.
Do you love this planet 🌍?

This is just a place to do the real work in an enjoyable and real way, in a beautiful place that is re creationable and restorative. We need to discover and share a new model, a more humane and practical way to learn and share “How to be a Good Human on Planet Earth 🌏 “ my goal is to have a sketched out simple text and cartoon curriculum by the end 2022. I have started but I need help. Are you interested in finding out more? Are you interested in helping raise what we have started to the level that’s needed to make a difference in this the most critical of times? Let’s do it

get a hold of cw

it’s time to get it done ✅

and have fun !!

check us out

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