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A place of beauty and function, a home, a producer and haven for life…

a place for sharing of what could be…

Photo by Chris Warner on April 06, 2020. Image may contain: possible text that says 'being through the actions of me, place of beauty and function, home, haven life, place for beauty and quality and sharing of what could be....a good much richer way than any money could buy..for it is actions and results that bring closer harmony in living being, a living place, well could say practical, natural and social organism serves and is served with grace and love, health and is how see the unfolding of next ten years, this this place, this farm, this school have chosen to call good. Cw. 5/31/13'

Cultivating good food, good skills, good ideas, and good people.

Located on the Chautauqua Ridge, WNY. Home of CW’s Cow Cafe.

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Join us! Membership starts at $40. Contact us at for more details.


Our homestead is a work in progress and donations help to keep the critters fed and cared for and the music playing. $20 buys one 100lb. bag of animal feed. You can make donations via PayPal at Thank you for your help.

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