Class of ‘21 at the farm

Goodschoolfarm recently started hosting wwoofers (worldwide opportunities on organic farms). We are loving it! Let me know if you want to do something similar. Here are some of our reviews! 

Jen and Chris are extremely accommodating and generous hosts. The property was fun to explore and relax on. They made sure I was excited about work I was doing and I worked on a variety of different projects. Jen is a guiding light full of knowledge about local ecological systems and Chris is a humorous & skilled animal caretaker and experimenter. They are both full of life and vision for the farm.

My visit was full of animal love and warm company. Would highly recommend this farm for its beauty, animals & people! -Ayla 

My stay with Jen and Chris felt effortless in the sense that they are truly awesome hosts, who will make you feel at home right away. The homestead is a work in progress but a beautiful brainchild of their shared creative vision. Jenny is an amazing gardener, cook, and artist. Chris is delightfully eccentric and engaging, hardworking, and a fun teacher. I feel very lucky to have been paired with Goodschoolfarm. -Olivia 

Jenny and Chris made me feel very welcome the second I arrived. The creative, science-based projects all around the farm including the mitochondria-inspired garden shape really resonated with me as a science/art person. They created such unique touches on their farm!

There are a huge variety of projects and tasks going on that you’ll never be bored, and you could play to your personal strengths and experience something new with every job. Chris and Jenny are so knowledgeable on all things farm-related and phenomenal teachers. I learned something new every single day I was there. By the end of my stay, I felt so much more connected to nature and the earth and I didn’t want to leave.

GoodSchoolFarm is a great farm for WWOOFers of all experience levels. I could tell they really appreciated the assistance which is always gratifying. There’s no question in my mind that I will be returning to GoodSchoolFarm whenever I have the chance. I cannot recommend it enough. -Jess 

Volunteers needed: starry nights and farm days

LOOKING to escape for a few days to peaceful natural surroundings? Check out the small newly-renovated camper in exchange for four hours of farm chores a day. Swim, play with baby animals, eat farm food, and sleep under starry skies. If that sounds like heaven, it’s within reach.

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